Unveiling of MOA


Between Sam Zuga Business Empire Ltd. & Port Harcourt Green Enclave Ltd.
....and the PH Green City Model

Creating a Nigeria inside Nigeria is now possible. We would have said a Dubai in Nigeria but we believe that there’s a Nigeria we need to create for ourselves and through the right partnerships we can.


The SamZuga Partnership with PHGreenCity will :

About PHGreenCity

PH Green City is borne out of the desire to provide a smart satellite community, where life could be more meaningful than what presently exists in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria, and in comparison to cities in the western Europe and Middle East. The development of this city carries the successful research of making the investment in land liquid with earlier payback period.

"ZUGACOIN has been created as a means of transaction among family members, Samzuga Smart Cities has been designed to look exactly like Dubai which many people have seen the videos. In other to achieve faster, we enter into partnership with Port Harcourt Green City who have the same vision with us."

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