14th May 2022

After careful study of the zuga coin project, we have discovered the true essence of the SZC ERC20 created by the man whom God gave the wisdom in person of ARCHBISHOP PROFESSOR SAM ZUGA.

With this unique opportunity of PH Green City pre-sale, every SZC holder can now take advantage of “swapping” their SZC into GZC and own plots of land in PH Green City thereby becoming a stakeholder in the Sam Zuga and PH Green City projects worldwide, with secured assets. The following shows how SamZuga Business Empire Ltd has collaborated with Port Harcourt Green Enclave Ltd to help you swap
SZC to get more GZC for the purpose of owning land and stake in PH GREEN CITY.

1. At the current rates in the Sam Zuga Merchant Wallet, it takes about GZC 58* to get one plot in PH Green City at the rate of N2,000,000

2. The cost of SZCB II which is used for gas/swap fee has just been reduced from about $8,000* to about $2,000* – many thanks to the Archbishop.

3. Swapping SZC to GZC 58 gas fee(cost) which now translates to about N1,000,000* (instead of N4,000,000).

4. In offering discount of 25% of N2,000,000, it means that all you need to swap in order to buy a plot of land in PH Green City is about GZC 43.5* (N1,500,000)

5. This further implies that with N1,000,000, your SZC can give you a plot of land worth N2,000,000 in PH Green City which makes you eligible to enjoy all the privileges and benefits as stated earlier publication.

6. In effect, you only spent N500,000* as Port Harcourt Green Enclave Ltd has refunded you N500,000 through 25% discount. 


*calculations are estimates taking into considerations minimum slippages.

NOTE: This special support is available provided you pay for your land on or before 21st May using any amount of GZC as deposit while the company gives you up to 90 days to complete your payment or you be in the cluster.



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