The Green City

Over 1,000 Hectares of table land for the new city and still counting… And the great news is that you can own parts of it. Our layout consists of five districts including Commercial, Industrial, Business, Leisure and Residential.
As you buy a plot(s) of your choice in the residential area, you start earning rentals such that you recoup 100% of your land investment within one and four years.

A Layout Like No Other

We would say our Planners and Architects have outdone themselves but don’t take our word for it just yet. Take out time and look through our layout of districts and ammenities – or you could even book a visit to site if you like.

The Commercial District

100 Hectares
6,000 central access & online enabled shops
2 Central Product launch & visual display pavilion/auditorium for 500 Warehouses
Space for multiple Guest houses & 3-star hotels based on increase in demand
Space for Fuel stations on demand

The Light Industrial District

250 Hectares
Multiple industries inclusion (• Textile • Wood • Water • Paper• Plastic• Bakery)
Agro-based (poultry, fishery, snailery, organic fertilizer, mushroom, plants etc)
Estate utilities (e.g. Power, central sewage, parks & gardens, central waste receptacle, cemetery, mortuary, fire service, emergency response, etc)

The Central Business District

150 Hectares
Office complex
Distance learning/business schools
Professional Services
Tech hubs
Banks & financial services
Conference halls
Diplomatic services
Travel agencies
Specialists Hospital
5-star hotels
Central security control & surveillance centre

The Residential District

400 Hectares
High density area – 50 hectares (420 square metres/plot @ 15m x 30m)
Medium density area – 20 hectares (600 square metres/plot @ 30m x 30m)
Low density area – 10 hectares (1,800 square metres/plot @ 30m x 60m)
Corner shops
Neighbourhood centres
Clinics, Labs & patent medicine stores
Worship centre clusters (for churches)

The Entertainment/ Liesure District

100 Hectares
Standard Recreational /amusement park
Exclusive Sports arenas suitable for international tournaments such as tennis, swimming, 18-hole golf course, rugby
Fitness clubs
Virtual Games
Green areas, parks and trees
Corner shops
Fire Hydrants
Estate intracom
Gas channels
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