1. The broker is a citizen of Nigeria.
  2. The engagement of the broker is for the purpose of selling lands or real estate products of PH Green located in Rivers State and any other state/FCT in Nigeria.
  3. The broker hereby declares that he/she is not engaged in any illegal business, vocation or transactions and that he/she has never been convicted as a criminal in any court of competent jurisdiction anywhere in the world.
  4. The broker shall be entitled to commissions from transactions he/she personally procures for PH Green and any other financial commitment as stated in his/her letter of appointment.
  5. PH Green Enclave is not liable for the outcomes resulting from intentional and verified acts of fraud, illegalities and misrepresentations by the broker.
  6. PH Green shall not be liable for transactions by the broker for which it is yet to receive payment or any unauthorized transactions whatsoever that is not in compliance with PH Green Enclave provisions   
  7. The broker covenants to not be involved in acts capable of bringing PH Green, its directors, shareholders, host community and other stakeholders into any form of disrepute.
  8. The broker covenants not to willfully divulge confidential or uauthorised information of the PH Green to its competitor for the purpose of replicating our model.
  9. The broker is not authorized to transfer title to land on behalf of PH Green.
  10. Other than company’s printed materials and media productions, the broker must obtain written permission of PH Green before embarking on any form of media production or campaign.
  11. The broker is not permitted to issue any other form, contract or documentation to customers of PH Green other than such materials originating from PH Green office by mail, hard copy, mobile app, scanned copy or photocopy.
  12. The remuneration terms stated in the broker’s appointment letter are subject to periodic review based on a combination of factors bothering on aggregate sales targets achieved, availability of land or designated property for the offer and a period not exceeding 90 days.
  13. In event of review of any of the terms stated herein or in the broker’s appointment letter, such notice shall be communicated in writing by electronic, hard copy, internal memorandum or any other means whatsoever to the broker by the company.