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1. In our quest to build on our success making real estate investment liquid, ranging from our PH REAL WEALTH to PH Green City, Port Harcourt Green Enclave Limited again exemplifies in the real estate sector with the launch of Crypto Payment Acceptance (CPA), a service wallet that allows our numerous clients across the globe to make payment for their lands in PH Green City using cryptocurrencies

2. PH Green City is the first and biggest 5-district commercial city in Niger Delta located in Omerelu, Ikwerre LGA, Rivers State, where initial offtakers benefit from monthly rental
payment on their residential land at the rate of 2% for as long as 4 years. Existing clients of its partner firms have been receiving rentals on their lands in Greater Port Harcourt and PH Green City since 2016 and 2020 respectively.

3. Over the centuries, real estate has been known to be a capital intensive fixed asset with long term payback. However, with PH Green City’s mission of “Real Estate Turns Liquid”, numerous clients have been able to acquire lands, earn monthly rentals without
any further capital investment, and when/if needed, liquidate/cash out from their landed property without the need to look for buyers, through PH Green City’s easy Resell/Swap/Buyback (RSB) Plan.

4. In order to extend these benefits to the crypto investors, PH Green City is hereby launching its Cryptocurrency Payment Acceptance (CPA) platform.

5. How It Works: Prospective buyer initiates a transaction by filling simple purchaser form (online or offline). The buyer is issued our wallet address to make transfer of the cryptocurrency equivalent of the USD value of land as at the time of transaction.

Accepted coins/tokens include BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT, etc. Others not listed
herein could be advised at the point of transaction. The purchaser is issued documents to his land online or offline within 48 hours after payment. Within 30 days or by the following month, the buyer begins to receive 2% rent on his land in NGN equivalent of the amount paid for the land via the Nigerian bank account details submitted in the
purchaser form.

6. The PH Green City’s Crypto Payment Acceptance (CPA) service is NOT an exchange platform but a specifically designed product to assist crypto investors in diversifying their
portfolio into more stable, secure and semi-liquid asset using PH Green City’s offtaker residential lands

7. Unlike other real estate investments, PH Green City enables land owners to earn regular monthly rental on their land without any further capital injection while the value of their
land is rapidly appreciating due to increasing economic activities in and around the City.

And the land owner can divest by swapping for other PH Green City upcoming projects, reselling with ease without looking for buyers through our Resell/Swap/Buyback (RSB) Plan, or develop in accordance with our city development brief

8. Anyone all over the world is eligible to own land in PH Green City.

9. Purchasers can also become PH Green City CPA brokers and earn as much as 10% per transaction.

10. Minimum of 10% discount available to all purchasers before 2nd April, 2022.

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Joshua Adeniran Olaniyi (FCA, ACS, ACTI)

“Become PH GREEN CPA broker and earn up to 10% for every transaction”

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