The Board and Management of PORT HARCOURT GREEN ENCLAVE LTD hereby appreciate the executive members of Rivers State Zuga coin team and other members across Nigeria who began payments for their land at our office on Friday, 13th May, 2022.

It is also worthy of note that the price of GZC in the wallet has stabilized considerably. In view of this, we have decided to make it possible for everyone who holds Zuga coin to participate in this Pre-sale.

Participation in this phase of 4,000 plots pre-sale shall further provide participants the following advantages:

1. SPECIAL DISCOUNT OF 25% of THE PRICE (i. e. N1,500,000) on the land, which constitutes about 50% of the gas fee to swap your SZC (see The SZC Wealth Advantage & PH Green City Land Acquisition Support attached to this publication) on or before 21st May,2022.

2. Free tokens (during our TOKENIZATION PHASE) to own apartments and stake in PH Green City and upcoming projects of the company and SAM ZUGA BUSINESS EMPIRE LTD.

3. Payment in installments within 90 days, provided initial deposit is made within 13th May, 2022 and 21st May, 2022.

4. Earn rentals (income) on their land in naira while the value of their land asset goes up. 

NOTE: These privileges and benefits are only made possible by the collaboration of our firm and Sam Zuga Business Empire Ltd and shall not be available after now.

This Pre-sale shall end on the 21st day of May, 2022 and plots of land in this phase are subject to availability. The guidelines for the transaction are as stated below:

i. Ensure that you have completed your biometrics and received your e-pin.

ii. You shall receive TRANSACTION CODE (TC) – this is different from purchase code (PC). Please, do not bother if you have not received your purchase code. Your TC supersedes PC because TC is issued ONLY to those who have done biometrics and have their permanent e-pin.

iii.To enhance orderliness, send your name with your number, your samzuga kyc number and your preferred day to transact to the following numbers:

For those who chose to transact MONDAY OR TUESDAY send to – 0704-9000-121
For those who chose to transact WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY send to – 0704-7500-005
For those who chose to transact FRIDAY OR SATURDAY send to – 0704-7500-007

Those who are yet to receive their TC shall receive as they send their details stated above. 

Please send WhatsApp messages, preferably. Notify us if you have any special concerns.

Note that the special discount of 25% stated above is for payments received on or before 21st May, 2022.



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