Diplomatic Akas Baba Pens Contract As PH GREEN CITY Corporate Brand Ambassador

Diplomatic Akas Baba Pens Contract As PH GREEN CITY Corporate Brand Ambassador

  • Endorses the upcoming PH Green City Mobile App Launch

Diplomatic Akas Baba, the quintessential Wazobia FM On Air Personality (OAP) has put pen to paper as influencer and corporate brand ambassador of the revolutionary real-estate liquidity sensation, PH GREEN CITY. By this the funny and popular Diplomatic Akas Baba will drive the new smart city’s quest to raise brand awareness increase subscription and complete a variety of tasks ranging from promoting agro-products from the city to implementing marketing campaigns.

During the contract signing event at the corporate office of Port Harcourt Green Enclave Limited, Mr Perfect Wekhe, Chairman Board of Directors, Port Harcourt Green Enclave Limited, initiator of the PH Green City initiative, expressed confidence in the ability of Akas Baba to deliver on the objective, noting that the talented OAP and skit comedian holds an inspiring personality and reach out platform that will send the PH Green City message of freshness, quality of livelihood, financial liquidity and security to every home.

He said that PH Green City was borne out of the need to de-congest Port Harcourt. “As an existing city, Port Harcourt is overdue for expansion, and this expansion cannot be driven alone by governments as obtainable globally, hence the private sector is coming in to berth this expansion”.

“Port Harcourt Green Enclave Limited is creating a green smart city where we can have a full complement of a commercial, residential, business, industrial districts with full medical, educational and world-class facilities relying fully on the 21st-century system security.”

As an incentive to drive traffic to the soon to be unveiled city, PH Green City is giving away hundreds of residential plots of land to early bird investors by way of 100% rental payback to every land owner within a 4-year period. Listen to Mr. Wekhe: “early bird investors in the new city have the rare opportunity to purchase land and enjoy a 28% discount with a limited time offer, and then earn 24% rent on your acquired land annually, to recoup your investment in 4 years”.

He described the unveiling and contract signing ceremony of the OAP as a further demonstration of PH Green City’s commitment to developing a more dynamic and never before seen Real- Estate model similar to what is obtained in Dubai, Singapore and other rapidly developing cities of the world, using the opportunity to call on investors to subscribe while the offer lasts.

Earlier on, Mr. Wekhe had mentioned that the PH Green City Mobile Application, due to be launched online this June, shall be the first of its kind. And as a palliative from the company, early bird subscribers who download the PH Green City Mobile App from Google Store or Apple Store, shall inherit N50,000 in their mobile wallet account to add to buy any property in PH Green City. As a countdown to the launch has begun, the App is already in the stores for pre-launch downloads.

Also responding, the Team Lead, Agro-Industries Process Lines of PH Green City and Associate Professor of Food Science and Technology of Rivers State University, Dr. David Kiin-Kabari said that the endorsement of Akas Baba is both historic and complementary towards the delivery of the purpose of PH Green City.

He noted that since the major occupation of people in the Niger Delta Region is in farming and fishing, the primary focus of the new city, through its light industrial hub, is to be a catalyst for agricultural self-sustenance. This, he said, shall be accomplished by embarking on process lines that shall absorb produce commonly available in the region, such that every home in Nigeria shall be capable of putting food on its table without paying for it in dollars indirectly through importation – a goal that governments at all levels in Nigeria are fully in support.

Responding, Diplomatic Akas Baba expressed gratitude to Port Harcourt Green Enclave Limited for considering him worthy of being the company’s ambassador, He promised to make PH Green City mission a bigger brand, with effort to showcase the exciting values inherent to attract clients to the smart city. He noted earlier that the N50,000 given by the company to early bird subscribers that download the PH Green City Mobile App shall go a long way to enhancing the finances of many families towards owning their own homes in the new city.

PH Green city has amazing features, of 6000 shops international market with a hybrid design, regular and bonded warehouses, 24/7 operations, access controls, power supply and other centrally provided basic amenities, residential, business, industrial and leisure/recreational districts, with a highly secured title and statutory approvals.

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