Earn monthly rentals on your land above inflation rate
Secured with existing prime assets of the company
Access to mortgage loans for development
Easy Swap for market and other opportunities in the PH Green City project
Easy resell at prevailing market value
Easy C of O processing

Everything Works in PH Green City

Everything works in the PH Green City! Every standard building has its place in our district-oriented metropolis. This means you will find space for your dream home, career, business and vocation. When we say it’s fantastic, it’s not just words.

Buy Land Now! Invest In PH Green City! Benefits are Vast

Our model makes land investment easy and liquid. You can spread your payments over a convenient period, get discounts on group purchases, or even gift plots to your children. Our options are vast, and so are your benefits 

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Investing in REAL ESTATE

is a timely book that shows pitfalls to avoid and strategies to adopt in your quest to becoming successful in the 21st-century real estate market.



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